The palantir of the real estate

Super AI suite for your real estate company's success.

A single suite to: manage, automate, improve, implement, maximize, and facilitate your daily actions.
  • Machine learning
  • Personal assistant
  • Performance monitoring
  • Customer protection
  • Automatic portals' sync
  • Automatic brochure
  • Automatic Website
  • Coworking mode and MLS
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Customer Satisfaction Corner: Elevating Your Experience

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every interaction you have with us is seamless, personalized, and leaves you feeling valued. We believe in listening attentively to your feedback, understanding your needs, and consistently improving our services based on your input.
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With YurekAI, you can trust that your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Join our family of satisfied customers and experience the difference of 100% customer satisfaction today.

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At YurekAI, we understand the importance of feeling secure and confident in your choices. That’s why we offer an unrivaled assurance that sets us apart from the competition.



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YurekAI for real estate

The AIO suite for your real estate empire

Network panel

Manage plans, subscriptions and credentials of your agencies' network.


All you need to achieve opportunities and conquer the real estate market.

Agency Cockpit

Create properties' websites and increase sales with appointments and contacts manager.


Put your listing to a completely new visibility, increasing transactions on global market.

Basic plan

5% off with the yearly payment
– Setup fee with your data migration not included –

Starting prices with included services
(additional AI features present on demand)

$ 299 Per Month
  • Intelligent CRM
  • Basic AI based website and automatic brochures
  • Automatic sync with portals
  • Internal chat and calendar
  • Reports and monitoring

Premium plan

10% off with the yearly payment
– Setup fee with your data migration included –

Starting prices with included services
(additional AI features and Power Tools present on demand)

$ 399 Per Month
  • All the basic plan features +
  • Advanced enhancement AI features
  • Premium AI based website and landing pages
  • Presence on our vocal user app Concierge & DomusRadar Portal*
  • 1 monthly hour of assistance included

*DomusRadar is our next international real estate portal with a smart connection with the related phygital exploration room.

vocal intelligent search

Your user will search perfect property easily

we serve also your users

Concierge, the User app


The perfection that suits

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The management team

Great gratitude for the every day work of our super YurekAI Labs 🧪 DevOps team

Dozens of engineers supervised by Federico Ferro (Tech Supervisor) and Ahsan Raza (Co-CTO).

our FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does YurekAI for real estate includes?

We have created a Super-Kit that allows you to efficiently manage your real estate agency and save time. Additionally, it provides you with a multilingual website, contact management capabilities, automatic creation of property brochures, and the ability to send your listings to real estate portals. With the power of YurekAI Artificial Intelligence, your clients can perform voice searches and find exactly what they are looking for.

What will happen to my current website?

Most of today’s websites are developed using outdated and underperforming technologies, causing a slowdown of the website itself. By subscribing to YurekAI, your website will be transformed into a multilingual site with a modern and high-performing design. This way, you can upload your properties once into the management system, and they will be automatically sent to your website and real estate portals.

What will happen to my current management system?

If you already have a management system in place, YurekAI will leverage its cutting-edge technology to automatically optimize the elements of each property listing, contact, owner, or any other data previously uploaded. Alternatively, if you prefer, your current system will be automatically replaced with a powerful, state-of-the-art management system. With this system, you will be able to manage properties, contacts, brochures, emails, alerts, agents, owners, real estate portals, and more.

How does YurekAI utilize Artificial Intelligence?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) YurekAI is capable of serving both home seekers and agencies. Your clients can perform voice searches, finding exactly what they are looking for. In fact, the AI will continuously learn more about the person’s profile and be able to accurately find what the client is seeking, avoiding fruitless appointment requests. Furthermore, YurekAI®’s Artificial Intelligence is integrated into the management system and automates many functions by reactivating dormant contacts accumulated over years of work by your agency! YurekAI connects your clients’ requests with all the properties already available to you, showing you the perfect match for them. Additionally, for each property you have, it can find all the potential clients already present in your database. It will be like going to the appointment with a palantir!

How am I benefited by Artificial Intelligence?

Imagine having a personal assistant that helps you manage your real estate agency. This means automating all processes, reactivating contacts you have acquired over time through your hard work, and anticipating the needs of clients to offer them the perfect property. These are just a few examples of how introducing AI into your daily activities will give you a competitive edge, significantly increasing the success rate of appointments.

Where will my properties be listed?

Thanks to YurekAI, by entering your properties into the management system just once, they will be automatically sent to your website, major real estate portals*, and the YurekAI App for your users.

I don't have a website, can I still use YurekAI?

Certainly, you can! YurekAI allows you to have a multilingual website, manage your contacts, automatically create brochures, and send your listings to real estate portals. Additionally, thanks to YurekAI’s Artificial Intelligence, your clients can perform voice searches, finding exactly what they are looking for.

My agency is already listed on other portals, can I still use YurekAI?

Certainly! With YurekAI, you only need to enter your properties into the management system once, and they will be automatically sent to your website, major real estate portals, and the YurekAI App for your users.

I have a network of agencies, what advantages does YurekAI offer me?

We have also considered large networks, and their uniqueness has led us to offer a personalized service for networks. For this reason, we invite you to contact us for more information.

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